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Press Release: Redgate-Kane Resumes Lawsuit Against City of Portsmouth

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 22, 2021 Redgate-Kane resumes lawsuit against City of Portsmouth. City Council breached original agreement on McIntyre site. New deal to build a different design was reneged on by council subcommittee. PORTSMOUTH, NH – The Kane Company announced today that a partnership created to redevelop the McIntyre site into a dynamic, community-oriented, […]

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The ‘4 Musketeers’ of NH Real Estate

Kane Company adds to an already substantial portfolio Michael Kane, president and CEO of The Kane Company, a successful real estate brokerage firm in Portsmouth. Introducing the “four musketeers” who make up the leadership team of The Kane Company, President and CEO Michael Kane described himself as “the least important” and his brother John as […]

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